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Sinus Doctor is an all natural sinus treatment sold by Joe Johnson and is available through his website This sinus treatment, although relatively new, is probably the best selling of its kind and boasts an impressive amount of satisfied customer testimony. This one is my favorite,

Happy Customer

Hi my name is Christine Bayley, I suffered with chronic sinus problems for years. I seemed to be permanently on some kind of medication for it, either antibiotics or prescription only nasal sprays. I know it sounds dramatic but to me my chronic sinus infection was ruining my life.

Apart from the pain and general discomfort, I suffered unexpected nasal discharges which is about as embarrassing as it gets if you are trying to enjoy some special time with your husband.

A friend recommended sinus doctor, so after some research I tried it. The first day after using the treatment my sinuses were much clearer, within a few days my sinus infection was gone. That was over a year ago and I’ve had no signs of a sinus infection returning ever since.

Sinus Infection Discovery Sinus Remedy – An Overview
Sinus Doctor is a cure for sinus infection discovered and now sold by Joe Johnson. Joe was himself a long time chronic sinus sufferer and it was his efforts to find an effective sinus treatment for himself that prompted his research and the eventual discovery of the remedy itself. The remedy consists of three plant extracts that Jo Johnson claims will in give sinus relief in just 36 hours, he also claims that this natural remedy will permanently cure sinus pain and congestion in over 90% of cases. He also insists that you will start to feel the benefits of his product after using it only twice.

The sinus treatment itself is a 100% natural remedy that uses plant extracts to work the magic rather than antibiotics or steroids that may damage the immune system. The on-site product information claims that with continued use this remedy will remove all the symptoms associated with any kind of sinus infection, including severe sinus infection and chronic sinusitis. This remedy is not only fast acting (you can expect results in only 36 hours); it heals your sinus infection permanently without side effects.

Some Sinus Infection Discovery Customer Feedback:

Subject: sinus testimonial very satisfied customer

Hi Joe,

My husband is now on the third day of using your product. The one thing we did notice about the product is, if you have asthma you should always have your rescue inhaler nearby because it’s pretty strong and it caused him to do a lot of coughing, so I reduced the number of drops and he doesn’t seem to cough as much.

We love your product, and he feels its working. We can see a change in his breathing, and he’s sleeping much better.

My husband had 7 major sinus surgeries and refuses to have another. We thank God for giving you the gift of putting this product together and making it work.

He has been on every medication that’s been on the market, and this has been so far the best.


I have now used the sinus remedy that I purchased from your company.
As you may have surmised, my feeling of getting relief from any product was rather skeptical.

Be that as it may, I now have, without a doubt, proof that your products and system of eliminating a sinister sinus dilemma works and works well.

I will be forever indebted to you for assuring me and hoping that the benefits derived from the product will bring the desired relief.

Thank you and everyone for making “Sinus Doctor” available. It really works fast, well and without side effects.
Best Wishes
mbglick , a very satisfied customer


From: Marion
Sent: 13 Feb 2006
happy female customer

Hi there

Many thanks for sending me details of the web site again.

I have to say that I have suffered from sinusitis for about 18 years on and off. I have tried many remedies, and have had anti-biotics and different nasal sprays from ENT specialists, and I have to admit I was on the verge of trying surgery till I saw your web site.

Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful.

My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and my headaches are less frequent.

Thank you so much.




The package arrived Saturday, January 14th. Thanks so much for all of your hard work getting this to us.

My wife has been taking the treatments and is feeling better today than she has felt in 2 1/2 years.

Her doctor and allergist didn’t come up with a solution, but this amazing medication seems to be working.

With our best regards,



Company Information: Fullpoint Health Products
President: Joe Johnson.

Company Website:

Price: $87

Guarantee: Joe offers a 90 day 100% no risk money back guarantee.

Bonuses: You get the following free bonuses when you order “The 24 Hour Sinus Breakthrough” I believe some are for a limited time.
• How To Use Sinus Doctor© (Video Value $47)
• Mother Natures Most Powerful Antibiotics (Video Value $47)
• How To Protect You and Your Family From Coughs, Colds and Flu- And Get A Great Nights Sleep! (Video Value $47)
• Look Great- Feel Great (Value $ 37)
• Original Breakthrough Sinus Relief Manual (Value $45)
• Sinus Doctor Treatment
• 3 Sinus Secrets Videos Package
• 3 Health Reports
• The author’s International Best Selling Sinus Infection Discovery e-book
• Health-The Secret Of Happiness (Value $37)
• 365 Daily Success Quotes (Value $37)

Total Value Of Bonuses: $394.00

Actual Sale Price: $87


Star Rating:sinus infection discovery review

This sinus treatment is the best selling of its kind and certainly seems to work for most people. While the claim for almost immediate results (36 hours) may seem a little optimistic Joe Johnson has no doubts about just how good his sinus remedy is and offers a cast iron, 90 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. I’ve personally bought and used this treatment myself and was both suprized and delighted with the results, this sinus remedy gets my top rating.  Visit his site and be sure to watch his videos.

sinus infection discovery review

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  1. lisa says:

    Joe please send me more info on the Sinus Doctor remedy. My ENT has put me on antibiotics (after my doctor has given me hundreds of scripts for antibiotics and nose spray that cost $85 dollars a bottle). The ENT said if it does not clear up in one month he wants to do surgery (not happening). I have suffered with sinus migraines for a year. I am so very tierd of it; I am begining to be very depressed over this problem.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Sorry for the delay, your question must have arrived just before I went on vacation. I also was taking antibiotics and nasal sprays for years without any real signs of permanent improvement. Joe’s sinus remedy worked for me, in my opinion it is definitely worth a try, especially if sinus surgery has already been suggested, he does give a money back guarantee. Visit his site here I am sure he will give you additional information should you need it.

  3. Dawn says:

    Is there anywhere I can purchase these products at a store. I live in Milwaukee, WI and do not make purchases online. Please let me know. It sounds very interesting

  4. Peggy Finney says:

    I bought your product but never opened it-I have the three bottles -the clove extract-cinammon leaf extract-thyme extract, but the main thing is that I do not have any instructions-can you help send them to me by email?

  5. June says:

    Sinus doctor worked for me, if I had tried it when I first saw it 2 years ago I would have saved a lot of money and got some sleep!

  6. admin says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I’ve done some checking, it appears that the sinus doctor remedy is at this time only available online.

  7. admin says:

    Hi Peggy,
    Sorry I don’t know how I missed your post, I can’t apologize enough. I have phoned sinus doctor customer support and explained your problem, the lady was very helpful. There are full instructions and videos showing you exactly how to use the sinus doctor remedy, you should have already received them with the product but she assures me that she will send them to you today.

  8. janet Alcock says:

    i recieved my 3 pure extracts for my sinuses and i was very disapointed to open my parcel to find 3 bottles wraped in bubble wrap and nothing else .no books no instructions no nothing and i payed you a lot of money for this .the 3 little bottles were not even in a proper packaging . can you please send me instructions on how to use my sinus doctor . thank you jan Alcock

  9. angie says:

    can this help me. i have been dealing with this for 3months. i have ear problems,throat problems. plus i have seen 5 different doctor and none has help. help plus there feels like there a hair-ball in the back of my throat now. which this all started from sinus.

  10. admin says:

    I am not a doctor this is just my personal story, I also suffered for years with recurring sinus problems and tried every medication I could find. Even the steroidal sinus sprays I had been prescribed seemed to offer only partial relief. I have to admit that the almost continual use of steroids bothered me, in the end I tried the sinus doctor treatment and it worked for me and I know a lot of people buy it.

    Soon after the infections had cleared up I read somewhere that many sinus infections are often initially triggered by an allergic reaction to something in your environment and that a calcium supplement from the local health shop may help. Apparently the calcium is good for the nasal membranes and can help reduce the allergic reaction. So I started taking calcium just in case, I didn’t want it coming back. It has been a couple of years since I felt I needed to use the sinus remedy but I still take the calcium. Anyway to answer your question if you are suffering as much as I was you will try anything and I personally think it worth a try, as I say it did work for me.

    In closing let me remind you again that I am not a doctor or a scientist and this is just how I managed to get a normal life back. And you have my sympathy because you’re probably not getting the sympathy you deserve, people who haven’t been plagued by sinus problems have no idea what you’re going through. Good luck.

  11. admin says:

    I was a customer just like you. I must admit I had no problem, there were full instructions when I purchased. I believe that there are videos now. Anyway I have forwarded your comments to the sinus doctor customer support. I hope that takes care of it for you.

  12. James says:

    I thought the customer service was suprisingly good and the product seems to be working, but it is early days and I have really bad recurring sinus infections, so I’ll give it a few weeks before I give it my official thumbs up,

  13. ali says:

    Hi everyone

    i found this website while i was looking for a good surgeon because i need to have my sinuses operated as a fourth time.

    during the last 7 years or less i have my sinuses operated three times but the symptoms got back soon. i have not smell any thing for about three years and it did happen lots of times to get my nose blocked. now i just breath by my mouth beacuse there is no any air breath by my nose.

    i will try Dr.joe treatment. if it does work i will let you know.

    good luck for you and everyone across the world.

  14. does it help open up blocked,pressure ears, which is causing dull hearing

  15. marilyn Epstein says:

    How long can you keep the product? There was no expiration date on the product.

  16. admin says:

    I’m not a doctor but I would expect that if your problem with blocked ears is sinus congestion related then the sinus doctor treatment should help. I would get it checked out first to make sure.

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