Sinus Infection Treatment

A sinus infection can be not only be a very painful experience, it can also be both physically and emotionally draining for the person effected. Neither the pain nor the nasal discharges seem to have any respect or concern about what time of day it is or if you are trying to catch up on some badly needed sleep.  It is little wonder that sufferers can become desperate in their search for an effective sinus infection treatment.

The cause of all the unpleasant symptoms associated with a sinus infection is an inflammation of the sinus cavities, which are located behind the nose and upper face. The sinus cavities play a major role in draining mucus from the nose. When the cavities or sinuses become inflamed the available space is reduced and the mucus becomes trapped. It is the trapped mucus that causes the pain and pressure we call sinusitis.

Sinus infection symptoms usually include a thick yellow nasal discharge, headache, a feeling of pressure behind the face and quite often a feeling of tenderness around the eyes. In more severe cases you may even experience earache and pain in the jaw.

The sinuses themselves are more complicated than most people imagine. There are in fact four pairs and you will experience different symptoms depending on which are infected. For example, a pain around the eyes and lower nose is a sign of ethmoid sinusitis, while discomfort when bending forward or lying backward indicates sphenoid sinusitis. Similarly, pain while lowering the head could indicate a problem with the frontal sinuses and pain when the head is upright indicates maxillary sinusitis. While the symptoms may differ depending on which sinuses are affected, the sinus infection treatment will almost always remain the same.

The treatments used by most sufferers include prescription drugs, antibiotics and decongestant nasal sprays. However, it is worth questioning the wisdom of this, as many prescription drugs, including sprays are habit forming, have side effects and in the long term undermine the body’s immune system. While almost all home remedies for treating sinus problems are all natural and free from side effects.

Perhaps the favorite and oldest home sinus treatment is to fill a bowl with boiling water and inhale the steam through the nose while covering your head with a towel. The sinuses are aggravated by dry air so it is understandable why this particular sinus treatment would be beneficial. A modern variation on this old favorite is to use a vaporizer, you may find increased benefit by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil.  You may also find that drinking plenty of warm water and eating jalapeno peppers helpful.

Many people people think essential oils or plant extracts are the only sinus infection treatment that really helps, see our sinus doctor review.

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