Sinus Rinse or Neti Pot? No Contest!

Sinus rinsing or sinus irrigation with a neti pot is as old as the hills. If you have not seen a neti pot they are a bit like a little teapot, you fill it with lightly salted water and pour the water into one nostril  and the water pours out of the other nostril. Hopefully the saline solution loosens any trapped mucous and removes any trapped irritants that might be up there i.e. dust particles, pollen and anything else that’s making a nuisance of its self, the salt is added because of its natural anti-bacterial qualities. If you suffering  from a sinus infection and have not tried sinus irrigation give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised at the relief it brings.

A sinus rinse with a neti pot sounds a wonderful idea and they really do work, but they are too difficult to use for normal human beings or at least for me anyway. I know there is a lot of tradition behind them; Buddhist monks have probably been using them since Adam was a lad, but I gave up trying a long time ago. I remember thinking last time I tried “isn’t it a about time someone came up with a better idea than the neti-pot?” Now thankfully someone has.

Sinus Rinse an excellent idea from Neilmed
Neilmed Pharmaceuticals have come up with a brilliantly simple solution which they call sinus rinse. It’s just a plastic bottle with a cap shaped similar to a nasal inhaler, you fill the bottle with a saline solution, Neilmed provide little sachets with the correct amount of salt and a touch of sodium bicarbonate to balance the pH value that prevents any stinging.

How to use sinus rinse
You gently squeeze the bottle of solution up one nostril; it cleans the nasal cavity and exits out the other nostril, cleaning out your sinuses and inside of your nose in the process.

Here is a video showing the sinus rinse bottle in action, Sydney, aged 5 has Cystic Fibrosis and does a sinus rinse once or twice a day to help clear the thick & sticky mucus that makes her prone to sinus infections.

There you have it, Sinus rinse is a simple idea but I doubt that you have seen a more effective way of cleaning out the sinuses. If you’ve suffered with sinus problems for any length of time the few dollars for the bottle and sachets is no money. Go and buy one now it’s worth it, if only to have the dubious pleasure of watching yourself using it in the mirror.


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  1. Murat says:

    Two neti pot users in Louisiana died from a brain-eating amoeba.

    Some advices about Neti Pot (may also apply for sinus rinse):

    – Make sure you wash the pot regularly with hot water and a little antibacterial soap. Clean it every day.

    – Don’t use tap water. Govindaraj recommends using distilled water or premixed packages of solution.

    – Replace your pot. Get a new one every few months. The hot water and washing can cause the plastic to weaken over time.

    Read more:


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