What Causes Sinus Infections?

Sinus infection is a term that people apply to just about any sinus disorder they have that is giving them pain or physical discomfort. The signs of an infection might include cold like symptoms, persistent headaches, pain behind the face or a nose that just keeps getting blocked. But what causes these sinus infections,

problems that many refer to as sinusitis? Before looking into that, let’s have a look at what exactly is sinusitis and what are its common symptoms.

The sinuses are air filled cavities behind the nose and upper face. If we have sinusitis the nasal membrane becomes inflamed which can cause mucus and dry air to become trapped. It is this trapped mucus that causes the pain and discomfort associate with sinusitis and most other sinus problems.

Sinus infection symptoms can include severe or recurring headaches, tenderness around the nose and eyes, possibly a fever, a cough and cold and a discharge from the nose. If the sinusitis lasts a few weeks it is said to be acute, if it lasts more than eight weeks it is said to be chronic and if you suffer with it three to four times a year it is known as a recurring sinus infection or recurring sinusitis,

What do the sinuses do?
The sinuses not only help to protect the contents of the scull they help make the scull lighter. The sinuses are part of the important air cleaning system we have to remove impurities before we take the air we breathe into our lungs. The cavities themselves help provide the human voice with richness and clarity that just doesn’t exist when a sinus infection has caused them to become inflamed and blocked.

The cause of any particular sinus infection can be any one of a number things. An allergic reaction to something, an invasion of either bacteria or fungus can all lead to an inflammation of the nasal membrane. It is this inflammation that shrinks the passageways and causes a blockage, the trapped mucus not only causes discomfort, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria or in some cases fungus.

Other known triggers of sinus problems are those activities that subject us to significant changes in pressure such as flying and scuba diving. For those who regularly suffer sinusitis like symptoms the change in pressure need not be so significant, even a change in the weather can seem to be the cause of yet another sinus infection.

The usual approach to treating these sinus problems is to use antibiotics or nasal sprays, while these can offer some temporary and often welcome relief there is growing concern among many as to the wisdom of their repeated use.

Antibiotics and nasal sprays (particularly the sprays containing steroids) damage the body’s immune system. I strongly recommend that you try an all natural remedy such as sinus doctor regardless of the cause of your sinus infection.

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